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Hey all, chances are you got here from my journal blog if you didn't... WOW. Either way this is my new blog (Created August 12th, 2010) for my story... and my music. The only things you need to know about me is, I'm an avid musician and artist. Since writing is considered an art its natural I'd place it here. Take it from a writer that has no experience: anything I post here is only just a first draft, when it is completed I'll compile it and figure out what to do with it then.

Without any further distractions I present to you the short Bios of my first SIX Main Characters (Subject to Change):

Ben Richards: Moved away from Lauren and Dawn and the private school they attended when he was young. He has lived a fairly sheltered life riddled with repressed memories and emotions coupled with a fairly defunct childhood. His interests and personality fluctuate a great deal at times preferring solitude, at other times the comfort of others. He is your average teenager living an ordinary teenage life. Based off of Chris.

Lauren: Ash brown hair and hazel eyes, she attended the same elementary school as Ben; later meeting him again through chance five years later. They've since dated, although their relationship is more platonic than average. She has a cynical hatred of Ben's childhood friend, although it is quite unknown whether it is through jealousy or actual raw hate. She is very much one of the nicest people in the story, however she is often plagued with personal issues because of it. Based off of Ashleigh.

Dawn: Blonde and green eyes, she is Ben's friend from childhood their families had been close. Due to an event that broke the families apart however they moved on to live separate lives, until fate left their lives to intertwine once again. She is a smart, gorgeous and optimistic girl who can be at times rash and cruel to others. She is extremely social and focused on school, a result of her close relationship with her parents; and she seems uninterested in anything else. She is a stereotypical cliché popular blonde, who is very much a snob and high on herself. Based off of Kaitlyn.

Ethan Grimes: Has been friends with Ben since he moved 7 years before the beginning of the story. He is a source of humor, brash and stubborn at times. He (like Ben) does not take orders from anyone, he carves his own path in life. At times he may not seem like he has any direction, any plan in life. However he pulls through every and any slump in his life; always with a new story to tell. He can be considered to be a "Jack of all Trades", experienced in all but master of none (to this point). Essentially he's the main character's support, filling up Ben's flaws; they are essentially "Partners in Crime". Based off of Nathan.

Ryan: One year younger than Ben, he meets Ben during the first year of high school during a homeroom incident, he has notably had a secluded life up to this point in his life. He has recently moved into the city from somewhere far away. While beginning as an uneducated, unsociable and undesirable pervert; he is quick to learn and quick to grow from his old habits. Ben, feels that he needs to help Ryan out in his life; that he needs to prevent him from becoming something even worse (as high school tends to do). Ryan has moved in with his family across the street from Ben's home and quickly becomes friends with both Ben and Lyndsey. Based off of Ryan.

Lyndsey: Blonde and blue eyes, one year younger than Ben. She grew up on a farm outside of the city but when her schooling began she was moved into the city. She had met Ben when he moved in next to her house, but they didn't become friends until a while later. Her hobbies are rather tomboyish, she takes after activities that her older brother does, such as skateboarding and video games. She becomes more feminine through high school when she meets some new friends. She has had a crush on Ben since they met, however unknown to all but Ryan whom she's best friends with, it is hidden by a seemingly innocent rivalry. Based off of Lyndsey.

Okay. That took me a while to write actually, and I'm still working out some kinks. For instance I now plan to write this between Grade 11 and 12. To make it more "mature", as cool as it was to have the things that were happening to me when I was 14 and 15, I'd rather make the Ben and the other characters around the 15-16 range, and Ryan and Lyndsey around 14-15. This way it doesn't seem so ah, weird. It is only loosely based on my life after all. This means that it will be a long book, condensing about 4 years into 2.

*Edit* Ahhhh, this time crap is really annoying. Could someone help me out with the ages? I can't decide... Starting Ben off at 15 still seems weird... well maybe not but I don't know... 16 is good. But then gah, I don't know

Also you might of noticed how Ryan and Lyndsey kept their names. I kept Ryan's name because he asked me to, and I kept Lyndsey's out of respect. She moved to Toronto at the beginning of Grade 12... and since then I've moved away too. I doubt we'll ever talk again.

There are also a few other flaws I need to work out, I just can't think of them. If one of you knows my life, and wants to suggest something. I'm all ears. I'm going to hold off writing til' tomorrow. I'll probably publish some work by the end of this weekend. =)


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  1. Ryan
    August 12, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    "uneducated, unsociable and undesirable pervert"

    I LOVE it! lol Looking forward to reading more about this so called Ryan character, he sounds like he's going to be my favorite character! lol

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